January 15, 2024

Women in Business Series: Enchanted

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Women in Business Enchanted Playground Elk Grove

Meet The Ladies of Enchanted Elk Grove

Enchanted Playground is located in Elk Grove and run by owners Theresa (left) and Carrie (right). If you watch my instagram stories, you’ll know that I often bring my kids here to play. Not only is the staff incredibly welcoming, they are constantly changing and adapting their play items to keep the kids entertained. So, when it was time to consider businesses for my Women in Business Series, these ladies were an absolute no-brainer.

Introduction/ Bio: Can you tell me your name(s), what your business does, and who you serve.

We are Theresa Hebbron and Carrie Leach.

Enchanted Elk Grove is an indoor play center in Elk Grove, Ca. We serve families with little ones typically 10 years or younger. Our space includes a two story climbing structure with racer slides, toddler trampoline, log swing, crawl tunnel and rope bridge. It also features imaginative play areas such as farmers market, pizzeria, Vet’s office and cabin. One unique feature is our 15 ft X 15ft infant play space. It is so difficult to find somewhere safe for kiddos under 1 to explore and play.

When did you open? What prompted the start of your company?

We opened in Late May of 2023. Theresa came up with the idea when she heard the one and only indoor play center in Elk Grove was closing in December of 2022. With two little ones turning 2 and 4 this year she personally had a need for a space for them to run and explore, and interact with other children. Elk Grove has amazing parks and it is what we love about the community but we also don’t enjoy 100+ weather or rainy days.

What is the best part about what you do?

Watching the community interact with each other, both little ones and adults. Hopefully in the near future, the ability to spend more time with my kiddos!

What are some of the setbacks/challenges you’ve faced in running your business?

Operating expenses, higher than forecasted. As well as inflation raising the prices of goods and services.

What is on the horizon for your company? Big changes, growth, branching out?

As a new company we have so many different ideas and plans, but we are focused on providing the best experience possible to our community. We love partnering with other small businesses in the community to bring new activities to our location, such as loving the process art that will be hosting classes with us weekly! We would love to add a real coffee bar- beyond our complimentary coffee to enjoy drinks and treats but that will be a logistical journey we navigate down the line. We would love to expand our square footage at some point. Our customers love the ease of watching their children in our space, so that is something we don’t ever want to lose but we feel a little more space would make it perfect. However, we are in a 5 year lease, so not happening anytime soon!

What advice would you give to other women interested in starting their own business?

Make sure you are passionate about what you are starting. You need to be prepared to invest long hours to support the growth of your business. Looking to get rich quick will leave you disappointed in your progression. Embrace networking, introverted people like myself need to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to grow their business within the community. Build authentic relationships within your community.

Final Notes? Anything special you’d like to share with our community?

Support Local businesses whenever you can! Keep in mind most small business owners want the best for their customers, if we make a mistake reach out directly, we will do our best to fix it. Leaving a negative review on a small business affects it significantly as they don’t have the marketing budgets large corporations do to get their name out there. On the other end, sharing a great experience with friends or family, and/or leaving a review is a huge support to small businesses.

Looking to learn more about Enchanted?
Visit their website at http://www.enchantedelkgrove.com

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  1. Brittany Davis says:

    I love this! Thank you for highlighting this women owned business! I can’t wait u til my next visit!

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