Hey There!

Let's be real, does anyone actually feel comfortable writing these bios? Cause, I for sure don't!

What I am comfortable doing:
  • Being a Mother of two crazy amazing young girls
  • Finding the things in others that make them stand out and highlighting the heck out of it in my photography
  • Being honest, to a fault
  • Laughing at myself regularly
  • Failing, and trying again


Just a small town girl.

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- I'm obsessed with red shoes
- My iphone 7 is my lifeline
- frogs scare me
- I will do anything for a peppermint mocha
- I've never been on an airplane
- Mountain dew should be a food group

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Family Portraits make up the bulk of what I photograph. And it's no surprise, since I absolutely love doing it! Showing off your family's unique personalities and connections are some of my favorite things. And with so many beautiful locations in and around Sacramento, we are blessed.

Maternity & Newborn

Our journey into motherhood, whether it be our first, or our last, is one of the most magical times in our lives. And documenting it is one of the most magical in mine. Let your goddess vibes emanate! Then, after that bundle is here, let's capture those tiny details.